Responsible Partnering

Investing in our communities

Community Support

01 -Taking Part, Giving Back

From education outreach and environmental improvements to community development efforts and charitable giving, our employees do more than pursue a career. They help to restore beauty to an area, lift spirits and invest in the potential of others.

02 - Stakeholder Engagement

02 - Stakeholder Engagement and Management

It's a Two-Way Conversation

Motiva knows how important it is to talk with all interested stakeholders. And not just talk, but listen. We are proactive in our conversations, creating a two-way exchange of information. Whether we’re discussing opportunities or challenges with our stakeholders, we value their input and feedback. This process is essential to our long-term business planning, strategy and execution.

03 - Community Development

We Earn Our 'Good Neighbor' Designation

It is a privilege to conduct business in our communities, and we are committed to being a good neighbor wherever we operate.  Working closely with community stakeholders, we manage the social impacts of our activities and address concerns about our operations in a timely manner. Together, we work to develop special programs/projects to mitigate impacts and reduce risks, as well as collaborate and partner with local organizations, government agencies and other private sector companies to address local and regional challenges.

Health and Wellbeing

04 - Health and Wellbeing

Helping Communities Stay Healthy

Motiva continuously evaluates and identifies health risks related to our operations that have the potential to affect our employees, contractors or the communities in which we operate. We look for opportunities to support and participate in activities that prompt broad community involvement for sustaining healthy communities. We collaborate with local government agencies, nonprofits, and other private sector partners.

When our local communities are in need of disaster relief, we partner in recovery efforts with a range of regional, national and community-based organizations.



Developing the Local Workforce

Education is one of our key community support focus areas. That’s why we sponsor programs and organizations that aim to develop a skilled and competitive workforce. Through our education and training initiatives, Motiva strives to build local capacity, resulting in improved sustainability and business competitiveness.

We frequently collaborate with local and regional partners, including other private sector entities, to advance workforce development programs. We also support learning experiences that directly impact local communities’ abilities to achieve their unique workforce development goals.


We Value Local Business Capabilities

Motiva is committed to building capacity and capability of local people and businesses to support long-term development and economic stability in local and regional communities where we operate. We provide a variety of informational sessions about the ways in which local businesses can potentially do business with Motiva Enterprises, including contract awareness events, training, development, mentoring and coaching opportunities; and vocational training programs that foster the trade skills such as electrical, plumbing, welding and steel fabrication. 





Encouraging Employees to Get Involved

Throughout Motiva, our employees are engaged in a variety of volunteer and employee engagement activities. We give our employees opportunities to participate in local causes, such as volunteering with local schools, planting trees, helping with public area cleanups, and participating in community service projects.

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