We produce the building blocks of innovation.


01 – Port Arthur Chemicals

Port Arthur Chemicals is the catalyst for our entry into the chemicals business.

Port Arthur Chemicals provides Motiva the opportunity to develop synergy-capture projects with its neighbor, Motiva’s Port Arthur Refinery. We produce the basic chemical building blocks used to manufacture a variety of consumer and industrial products.

Olefins and Polymers Tower

02 – Olefins and Polymers

Ethylene and Polymer Grade Propylene

The facility’s propylene splitter upgrades refinery grade propylene, produced during the petroleum refining process, to polymer grade propylene, a co-product of ethylene. Polymer grade propylene is a chemical building block used to manufacture consumer product packaging and medical devices, and high-impact plastics used in electronics and automobiles.

A flexible feed cracker produces ethylene, propylene and other derivatives. Ethylene, a building block for polyethylene, is commonly used to make household items like shampoo bottles and automotive parts.

PAC Man Testing

03 – Aromatics


A proprietary catalyst produces cyclohexane, the building block for nylon, which can be processed into fibers for applications in carpeting, automotive tire cord, clothing and other industrial applications.

Products are delivered to and from the facility by barge from Motiva’s Port Neches dock.

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