Motiva Base Oils


Frequently Asked Questions

Motiva manufactures what base oils?

Motiva Group II and III Base Oils are produced at Port Arthur Refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. These Base Oils are manufactured using a proprietary combination of distillation, special processing including isomdewaxing, and hydrotreating. 

What is the advantage of Motiva’s Base Oils?

All the major additive suppliers are experienced in formulating with Motiva Base Oils.  Motiva’s Port Arthur Plant is one of the largest Group II lube oil plants in the world.  This plant utilizes multiple lubricant trains, which allows production to proceed on one or all units simultaneously.

Some oils can contain high levels of sulfur and aromatics, which are compounds that may lessen performance.  Motiva Base Oils have almost none of these impurities, which can result in enhanced oxidation performance for some fully-formulated lubricants. 

Motiva Group II Base Oils can be used to formulate API licensed engine oils provided the API guidelines for using these Group II Base Oils has been followed.  Approved Base Oil Interchange (BOI) and Viscosity-Grade Read-Across (VGRA) rules within the slate allow you to use different base stock viscosity grades to blend a given formulation or to blend various lubricant grades with the same technology.  Some engine oils may require use of other base oils which is allowable by API provided the appropriate bench and engine testing (if necessary) is completed.

What additives are approved for Motiva Base Oils?

A wide variety of additive approvals exist in Motiva Base Oils and the best source of this information is from the additive suppliers.  Afton Chemical, Infineum, Lubrizol, Oronite, and others have used Motiva Base Oils in the development of many of their additive systems.

Does Motiva produce wax?

Motiva does not produce wax since all of our dewaxing capabilities have been converted to isomdewaxing processes, which converts wax molecules into premium high quality lubricant components.

What products can be manufactured from Base Oils?

Automotive Lubricants – A wide variety of Motor Oils and Drive Line Lubricants can be manufactured with Motiva Base Oils. 

Industrial Lubricants – Motiva Base Oils can be used to blend Industrial Lubricants in ISO-VG 10 thru ISO-VG 100. With the use of an appropriate heavier base stock, Base Oils can also be used to blend Industrial Lubricants in the ISO VG 150 thru ISO-VG 460 range.

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