Operator Qualification (OQ)

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Motiva's OQ Program

Motiva’s Operator Qualification (OQ) Program was developed to comply with the Office of Pipeline Safety of the U. S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Qualification of Pipeline Personnel Regulation (49 CFR Part 192 Subpart N and Part 195 Subpart G).

Motiva’s OQ Program is designed to ensure that all individuals working on Motiva’s DOT-regulated pipeline facilities are OQ-qualified to perform specific covered tasks, to document that qualification, and to reduce the probability and consequences of incidents and accidents. All Motiva employees, as well as all contractors performing these covered tasks, will be OQ-qualified under this Program before they perform any covered tasks.

Please click on Motiva OQ documents in the links below to read the details of Motiva Operator Qualification program, Covered Task lists, and a contact list for the OQ Department. Click here to learn more about ISNetworld, Motiva’s official OQ record repository.

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