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Motiva Commercial Fuels

01 – Motiva Commercial Fuels

Motiva is a full-service marketer and distributor of unbranded diesel, heating oil and gasoline to commercial customers such as end use businesses, fleets and wholesalers. We provide rack sales and delivery of bulk products via pipelines, rail, and water and can service your needs, regardless of the scale of your operation.

A flexible network of proprietary, company-owned and third-party terminals are available to help provide convenient, reliable supply of product to meet your business requirements.

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02 – Competitive and reliable supply

With Motiva as your distributor, you will have access to a competitive and reliable supply of unbranded product. We are the supplier of choice because we consistently provide quality products, timely delivery and competitive pricing. Through our network of distribution terminals and third-party supply points, we can efficiently get your trucks loaded and on the road. We also support our wholesalers with a 24/7 loading support desk should you have any questions with your orders.

To join our network, you'll need approval for a minimum $250,000 credit line or greater. You’ll also need to provide the previous two years' financial statements and any current interim financials available for credit review upon request. To keep your account active, you will need to demonstrate ratable monthly liftings and agree to our credit terms and EFT as means of payment.

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