76® Draws Customers In

Quality fuel and exceptional service keeps them coming back.

We bring quality fuel to your site.

Motiva is proud to reintroduce the 76® Brand to the East and Gulf coasts, leveraging new innovative advertising and wholesaler programs.

Why 76<sup>®</sup>

01 - WHY 76® BRAND

TOP TIER™ Gas - Raising the bar with every drop

The 76® gasoline brand was introduced in 1932 when Union Oil engineers unveiled a new gasoline with a 76 octane rating – the highest octane rating available at that time. That same drive to innovate and increase consumer satisfaction continues today.

All grades of 76® fuel have 30% more detergent than the minimum specified in TOP TIER™ gasolines. Always on the drivers' side, 76® fuel detergents remove deposits, which, if left untreated, can cause problems like increased emissions and lower fuel mileage.

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Local market spending built around you

We know driving traffic to your location is important. That’s why Motiva takes a localized, custom approach to our 76® marketing plans and invests directly in your community.

Our marketing support includes traffic driving promotions; local community partnerships and sponsorships; site specific advertising programs; and targeted media buys, such as billboards, radio, digital and social advertising.

Business Support


Accelerate your business

Motiva and the 76® Brand are committed to strengthening and growing the 76® network of branded facilities. When you choose 76®, you are choosing a brand that believes the road map to success starts with great relationships.

You will have a team of professionals and resources on your side including a branded credit card program with dedicated sales teams; a turn-key mystery shopper program with detailed reporting capabilities; a centralized site for all branding and imaging needs; and a dedicated 24-hour local support staff.

Partner with Motiva to bring the 76® Brand to your retail sites.

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