Recruitment FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to join Motiva?

You can search for a specific vacancy using our job search engine. You will discover how to apply in each detailed job description.


If I submit an application or register my details, will Motiva keep me on file?

We store all candidate details on a central database for three years, unless we receive a written request by an individual to delete their personal record. These records enable us to search against candidate profiles with specific skill sets, should we have specific recruitment needs in the future.


Do I need a degree to work at Motiva?

It will depend on the level and nature of the roll in which you’re interested. If a degree is a requirement, it will usually be stated in the job description. However, a candidate who does not hold a degree may still be considered for one of our professional vacancies if they can demonstrate substantial relevant experience.


What do you mean by ‘Professional’?

Our professional opportunities are for people with varying skills, experience and expertise. This includes all levels of seniority.


How long after applying can I expect to wait before hearing anything?

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours. You should then receive correspondence regarding a decision within the following two weeks.


Do I need to have experience of working in the energy industry to join Motiva?

It depends on the position you’re interested in. Many technical roles require you to have spent time in a similar job and environment, while others require less specific experience. Most of our commercial opportunities are based on generic business knowledge and so do not require experience in the energy industry.

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