About Motiva

A story about much more than energy.

Motiva strives to become the safest and most profitable downstream business in the Americas.

Motiva history

Yesterday and today

Reaching our goal depends on 2,300 dedicated US employees working together across our operating territory, bringing the country the energy it needs and giving back to the communities where we operate.

Our legacy of delivering quality products dates back over 100 years with our Port Arthur refinery. Now, it’s North America’s largest, with a crude capacity of 600,000 barrels a day. And today, our strategic network of equity terminals has extended our reach, supplying gasoline and diesel to thousands of retail outlets under the iconic Shell and 76® brands.

Spirit of Motiva

The Motiva Spirit

Our actions make us a different kind of energy company. We see obstacles as new challenges that fuel us to higher levels of performance. We’re nimble, agile and decisive. We manage and mitigate risks carefully. But most importantly, we are not afraid to question the status quo and try new things.

Motiva is an investment-grade, independent, and entrepreneurial enterprise. As a wholly owned affiliate of Saudi Aramco, we have an owner company that supports our growth and expansion plans and enables us to respond quickly to the market and capitalize on opportunities.


Looking forward

For the future, we’ll focus on what has always mattered most. Driving growth for our business, maintaining excellence in our operations, working to minimize our environmental impact and continuing to value our employees above any other asset.

Welcome to Motiva. There’s a lot more to know about us.

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