September 27, 2017

Motiva Expands 76® Brand Presence in Texas

HOUSTON – (Sept. 27, 2017) – Continuing its growth plan to supply 76® stations throughout its territory, Motiva announced the grand opening of the newest and largest 76® branded gas station in Texas.  The 76® Travel Center, located in Nash, Texas, has a 20,000-square foot convenience store, 14 fuel pumps, a large truck fueling area and four quick-service restaurants onsite, including Dunkin Donuts, Golden Chick, Steak N’ Shake and Texas Best Smokehouse Barbeque.

 On Sept. 22, the Victron Energy-owned station officially became the 12th 76® branded location in Texas to be supplied by Motiva. By mid-2018, Motiva will supply 76® branded fuel through six major fuel wholesalers.  Along with Victron, Motiva has contracted with Classic Star (Dallas), Rockport (Houston), Gulshan (Houston), King Fuels (Houston) and Mountain Express (Rio Grande Area) to offer the 76® brand fuel to Texans across the state.

 In addition to Texas, Motiva is actively working to grow the 76® brand across its entire territory of 26 gulf and east coast states. Motiva currently supplies 76® stations in New York, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and New Jersey. 

 “There is a lot of energy and excitement for the 76® brand at Motiva.  It has been a lot of fun to watch consumers reconnect to this iconic brand, and we see growing brand loyalty from New York to Texas with the opening of each new or rebranded station,” said Bill Spurgeon, Motiva’s vice president of fuels sales and marketing. “We couldn’t ask for a better wholesale partner than Victron at this newest location.  The facility and customer service is fantastic and will be very well received by interstate travelers and local consumers alike.” 

 Victron Energy hosted the Nash, Texas grand opening on Sept 22-23, which included $0.76 per gallon fuel on Friday. In addition to turning back time for loyal 76® customers with the discounted fuel offer, consumers interacted with staff for chances to win gas cards, 76® branded items and many more fun prizes during the two-day celebration.  

 “We chose to offer 76® brand fuel at our newest station for several reasons. Most importantly, we have a great partnership history with Motiva, and they have proven their ability to market the brand well,” said Walid Alameddine, president and chief operating officer of Victron Energy. “The 76® brand is well known in the west and northeast, and we are excited about the opportunity to help grow the brand in our market.”

 Motiva officially launched its marketing program to support its new 76® branded wholesalers in January 2017.  Working closely with wholesalers, Motiva’s localized marketing efforts will continue to increase as 76® stations open in several additional markets across the gulf and east coasts in upcoming months.

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