Our Specialties Portfolio

Offering high-quality specialty hydrocarbon byproducts.


01 – Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPGs)

A Valuable Energy Source Used Worldwide

Motiva’s Port Arthur Refinery has abundant LPG storage capabilities on-site as well as off-site and is connected to key industry pipeline systems to better serve our customers. Motiva offers the following products: butane, isobutane, and propane.

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02 – Petrochemical Feedstocks

The Building Blocks of Manufacturing

Motiva generates valuable feedstocks from its Port Arthur refinery, which can be transported via pipeline, rail and transport truck. Our petrochemical products (FCCU Dry Gas; Refinery Grade Propylene and Butylene Mix) are the basic manufacturing components of numerous industrial and consumer products.

Petroleum Coke

03 – Petroleum Coke

The largest single producer of Petroleum Coke in North America

The Port Arthur Refinery has two coking units that produce fuel-grade quality petroleum coke. The product is stored at the Pabtex Terminal, which has capability to ship via barge or vessel worldwide.


04 – Sulfur

Leading Producer of Sulfur

The Port Arthur Refinery is among the largest producers of sulfur in North America with six sulfur recovery units within the refinery. Motiva can ship to both domestic and international customers as molten elemental sulfur or in pellet form.

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