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Motiva Logistics

01 – Our terminals

We operate a strategic network of equity terminals, serving wholesalers who supply retailers across the country.

With an aggregate storage capacity of more than 10 million barrels, our equity terminals lace through Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland. Our terminals, along with many contracted locations where product is available to our customers, provide a source of gasoline, distillate, jet and bio-fuel products that can then be further transported via tanker trucks, pipelines, railcars, and marine vessels.

26 equity terminals
+100 additional SUPPLY locations

02 – Marine capabilities

Cost-Effective and Efficient Maritime Solutions

Motiva’s Marine Logistics Team provides full-service maritime capabilities, including the vetting, chartering and scheduling of marine vessels. As maritime specialists, we have strong working relationships with maritime authorities and advisers to ensure excellence in marine operations.

We offer marine supply solutions at five of our equity terminals - Port Neches, Texas; Port Arthur, Texas; Port Everglades, Florida; Tampa, Florida; and Baltimore, Maryland. Our marine terminal network gives Motiva the flexibility to respond to market supply disruptions quickly and efficiently in order to resupply our customers.


03 - Land Logistics

Procuring Truck and Rail Solutions to Optimize the Supply Chain

Motiva's land logistics team provides cost-effective and efficient truck and rail distribution solutions for the movement of raw materials to our customers. For bio-fuels and ethanol customers, Motiva has rail hubs in Doraville, Georgia and Port Everglades, Florida, giving customers the flexibility to move product through the supply chain by multiple routes.


04 – Pipelines

We deliver value through safe, environmentally sound, and reliable pipelines.

Motiva’s supply and logistics team manages four pipeline systems that includes over 475 miles of pipeline. These pipelines efficiently transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, NGLs, olefins and derivatives critical to consumer products industries.

The products we transport are the building blocks for PVC, electronics, automotive tire cords, clothing, carpet and other industrial applications.

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